August 2005 Table of Contents

Then + Now 20 years of change

Twenty years ago, the remodeling world was very different from what it is today óso was the rest of the world. Join us in comparing trends and prices of today with those of 1985, when the magazine began. Read more

Consolidation: Coming Soon

There are hurdles to overcome, but most remodelers believe that consolidation will happen in the remodeling industry. Read more

Designers remodel a typical 1985 house Designers remodel a typical 1985 house

REMODELING asked three architects to design a remodel for a house plan from 1985 not only to suit the needs of a specific family, but to also incorporate features based on the wants and needs of today's customers. Read more

Evolving products and tools Evolving products and tools

We've seen significant changes and advances in products used in the remodeling industry during the past 20 years. Here's a look at the most remarkable transformations. Read more

Predictions for the remodeling industry Predictions for the remodeling industry

Solutions to the labor crisis? New approaches to design? Experts from the worlds of construction, design, demographics, and management forecast hotspots on the road ahead. Read more

Industry milestones over 20 years

The remodeling industry has come a long way in the last 20 years. A convergence of opportunities and challenges has made remodelers more professional, respected ó and pressured. Read more

Remodeling anniversary celebration

An anniversary deserves a celebration, and REMODELING is no exception. This is the magazine's 20th year, and we've put together this special anniversary issue to commemorate the event. Read more

Readers evaluate industry changes Readers evaluate industry changes

More than half of the respondents for this Reader Panel have been in the remodeling business for over 16 years. They have seen a lot of changes, some incremental but others revolutionary in ways that led them to alter their business strategies. Read more

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