April 2005 Table of Contents

Mastering product selection Mastering product selection

A remodeled kitchen or bath is usually a dream come true for your client. So you'd think they would eagerly look forward to product selection. After all, choosing tile, appliances, and faucets is supposed to be the fun part of remodeling. But most remodelers find that their clients are overwhelmed by the process and need a great deal of help. Read more

Using showrooms to make the sale Using showrooms to make the sale

There's no doubt about it: Consumers love showrooms. Those who operate successful showrooms point to business generated by walk-in traffic, brand awareness created by manufacturer advertising that pre-sells your showroom product, and the convenience for clients of having all their product choices in one location. Read more

Women have natural sales technique

In this traditionally male business, there are a small group of women who are owners or designers doing sales, or even doing straight sales. But in many cases they're outselling their male counterparts. Read more

Small remodelers like it that way

Back when he had 16 people working for him, David Merrick would “watch them make the same mistake again and again,” says the owner of Merrick Design & Build, Kensington, Md. He's happier and more successful running a “practice” with just four employees. Read more

Project goes from small to large Project goes from small to large

Some fresh paint. Several new tiles. A few fixtures. All minor repairs. When Genevieve Duncan and Keith Snodgrass first thought about updating their war-era black and white master bath, they just wanted to make some small changes to bring it into the new century. Read more

Helping clients with product selection Helping clients with product selection

Making product selections can be a frustrating part of the reduction deadlines. Remodelers often use forms to stay up to date on modeling process ó for both clients and contractors. It products. About 73% of the remodelers who answered this survey takes a lot of coordination to lead clients through the maze have an in-house form to track product selections, and 40% provide of product choices and have the selections ready in time to meet pro-clients with a selection sheet/schedule. Read more

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