July 2004 Table of Contents

Owners' management weakness often come as surprise Owners' management weakness often come as surprise

Outside forces can wreak havoc on a business, but sometimes the most damaging dangers come from within. The weaknesses of an owner's management skills are often unknown until exposed by extreme circumstances. Three remodelers offer candid looks at their decision to close their businesses. Read more

Managing Tough Customers

It goes against everything we've always been taught: It's not about fine craftsmanship. For demanding clients, masterful design and brilliant execution are not enough to save a job from unraveling. Read more

Before+After: Perfect Choices Before+After: Perfect Choices

When the Hesses decided that their townhouse was too tight for a family of four, they cursorily shopped for a new home. Husband Adam was unimpressed with what builders had to offer: “You could have Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C ó like packages. With a new house, you couldn't target what was important to you.” They were equally unimpressed with the existing home market, saying they couldn't find, or afford, an older home that had charm. Read more

Reader Panel: Balancing Act Reader Panel: Balancing Act

More than half of respondents have delegated production, bookkeeping, and payroll duties to employees. Some 32% have handed design over to someone else, and a quarter have passed along estimating and sales responsibilities. Read more

Global Giving Global Giving

Winning awards and designing high-end projects are not even close to the most important work that Vujovich does. Read more

News Notes Nut House

We knew that the series finale of Friends would result in more business for movie theaters and bowling alleys on Thursday nights. But who would have guessed that remodelers would be affected as well? Read more

News Notes Report Looks at Mold and Health

A recently released report takes a major step toward discovering the truth about mold, though there's still a lot of research to be done. Read more

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