December 2004 Table of Contents

Group Therapy

Erik Anderson of Winston-Salem, N.C., had only been in business for four years when, he says, “I realized I couldn't continue working at this pace. We thought if we worked hard, we'd earn a good living. We were working really hard and we were hitting a brick wall.” That's when he joined one of the NAHB's 20 Clubs for remodelers. Read more

Thorough Contracts Prevent Problems

Sound business practices and solid customer relations are key to keeping yourself out of court while still collecting every dime that's owed to you. So, too, is choosing your clients carefully, so that you're working for people who aren't looking to pull one over on you. Read more

Good Design Tailored to Homeowners' Needs Good Design Tailored to Homeowners' Needs

The 2,000 square feet of space in this 1967 ranch house had small rooms and an awkward flow. After living with the unsuitable space for 20 years, Mike and Helen Moskal began looking for a new house, but they ultimately decided to stay and remodel. Read more

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