June 2003 Table of Contents

Kitchen Design Contest Kitchen Design Contest

Brenda Bryan created a more practical layout by incorporating the adjacent dining room, but she also added art and drama to the project with materials and details. Read more

Solving cost slippage problems

Slippage occurs when something on the job causes unrecoverable costs to extend beyond the limits of the estimate. King has since refined and implemented several processes to help her company reduce slippage, most notably instituting a "post-mortem" review of costs at the completion of every job. Read more

Different perspectives about running a business

Not all remodelers come to the business by way of the craft. In the examples collected here, the ability of four individuals to adapt skills and expertise from other vocations enabled them to overcome a lack of hands-on construction knowledge and build successful remodeling companies. Read more

Ranch remodeled into a manor Ranch remodeled into a manor

A plain-Jane ranch grows into a gracious manor with a remodeler who knows how to hit the sweet spot. Read more

Generating leads: source of leads

Remodelers have lots of ways of generating leads. Most remodeling companies we surveyed get the largest percentage of their leads the old-fashioned way: from previous customers. In addition to lead sheet screening information, gut instinct -- which comes with a trip to the house and a conversation with the prospects -- is crucial to the qualification process. Read more

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