July 2003 Table of Contents

SWOT Analysis: Refine business systems

Analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can lead to improved systems and dynamic marketing.Using SWOT analyses, other remodelers, too, have acted on opportunities to open new business lines, often a gutsy move in down economies but made less stomach-churning by these analyses. A SWOT analysis takes a snapshot of internal and external conditions and provides a platform to retrench or launch into another position.Successful SWOT analysis is like good psychoanalysis: If you truly seek to "know thyself," you'll succeed. Read more

Competition-driven sales process

Who's your competition? The new-home builder? The SUV dealer? The remodeling company on the other side of town? All of the above. Read more

Major vacation-home renovation by two Big50 remodelers Major vacation-home renovation by two Big50 remodelers

Two Big50 remodelers learn a few lessons when they team up to tackle a major vacation-home renovation. Read more

Company's culture and core values effect on business

Many companies include questions in their job interviews about how an employee will fit into their culture, and nearly everyone communicates their guiding principles to employees. As a gut feeling, how does reinforcing core values affect profit margins?" Read more

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