April 2003 Table of Contents

Smaller house tailored to a resident's lifestyle Smaller house tailored to a resident's lifestyle

Architect Sarah Susanka was one of the first to articulate the concept of a smaller house that is tailored to a resident's lifestyle. Her successful book, The Not So Big House, offers language to define the feeling created by a cozy and well-designed house. Susanka says remodelers and designers need to start by looking at what is not functioning in an existing space. Read more

New Home Designs Impact Old Home Remodels

Homeowners contemplating a remodel and those building second and third homes have virtually the same wish list. From oversized kitchen islands to walk-in showers, the crossover of features from new construction to remodeling is seamless and nearly instantaneous. Read more

New consumer demands

The level of sophistication of clients has absolutely changed," says Steve Kirstein, a principal at BOWA Builders, McLean, Va. "There are no easy projects anymore. Marla Griffin, Metropolitan's marketing director, also says Ikea's affordable prices brought better-designed products to a larger audience.The new consumer is much better informed -- primarily about the importance of good design -- than in the past. Read more

Shared Bonus Pool with different percentages

Stephen Howell, owner of Howell Design & Build, North Andover, Mass., remembers what it was like when he founded his company six years ago. "I don't know a bonus system that exists that doesn't have the potential to be interpreted as unfair," says David Bryan, owner of Blackdog Builders, Salem, N.H., whose four-year-old bonus system based on gross profit distributes rewards to field crews for productivity. Read more

Cost-plus job with wicked curves has gorgeous outcome Cost-plus job with wicked curves has gorgeous outcome

Despite the rocky road, homeowners, architect, and remodeler are all delighted with the outcome, envisioned by Frost and executed down to hand-planed detail by Sasko's meticulous lead carpenter Josh Rockwood.The seven-month journey entailed knocking out an exterior kitchen wall to add a five-sided, eat-in sunroom and a mudroom that connects the 138-year old brick Victorian to its garage with a covered walkway. Read more

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