June 2002 Table of Contents

Great customer service is key between clients and remodelers Great customer service is key between clients and remodelers

Great customer service means more than providing a completed project. Read on to learn about the specific practices five remodelers have in place to ensure fantastic service and what their clients think of them. Read more

Seattle Home Remodel

Although the building boom of the past two decades captures all the media attention these days, we're also more quietly contending with the results of earlier ones. Read more

The Remod Squad

Somewhere between 15% and 20% of the volume of Scherer Bros. Lumber, a five-store chain in the Twin Cities, comes from sales to remodeling contractors. Read more

Suppliers are targeting remodelers Suppliers are targeting remodelers

Ed Roskowinski, co-owner and general manager of Vujovich Design/Build in Minneapolis, wants three things from a supplier. Read more

Free the Dog and Pony

For true believers in the Sandler sales system, presentation materials are just a waste of time. Read more

Pre-Meeting Marketing

Mailing marketing materials to a lead before your first meeting is a simple step that pays big dividends, says marketing expert Mike Cohen of Remodeling Success Systems in Cumming, Ga. Read more

Using the right presentation tools

For remodelers not blessed with a silver tongue, using the right presentation tools can make all the difference. Tech-savvy remodelers have begun using CAD presentations at sales calls to give clients a sense of exactly what they're agreeing to pay for. Read more

BEFORE + AFTER: Floor Plans BEFORE + AFTER: Floor Plans

Fire prompts a remodel that overcomes all the elements of disaster: distance, family ties, and multiple players. Floor Plans Read more

Four conceptual sketches Four conceptual sketches

Four conceptual sketches addressing the entry and window plan for this remodel's new A-gable end hide larger issues. Read more

Remodel of a 1970s A-frame house Remodel of a 1970s A-frame house

Disaster provoked it. And at the outset, disaster could have been scrawled all over the remodel of this rustic 1970s A-frame. Read more

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