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Negative Online Review Lawsuit Under Way

The third chapter in the controversial contractor vs. client case goes to trial Read more

Power Players: Women Are Waiting for Your Sales Call

Slow response times will cost you the lead with any customer, but speedy service and keeping your promises is particularly important with customers who are women. Read more

When You Set Goals, Set the Right Kind

How you achieve your objectives can outrank exact what you specifically want to do Read more

What Last Words of Management Advice Would You Give?

What advice would you give for running your business without you? One top remodeler asked his peers that same question recently. Here's some of their collective wisdom. Read more

Remodeling, Big50 Have New LinkedIn Groups

Remodeling magazine, the remodeling industry's premier trade publication published by Hanley Wood, announces its new REMODELING Magazine LinkedIn group and BIg50 subgroup. Read more

Peer Groups Help Businesses Stay Afloat

Members of a peer review group understand what other business owners are going through, will help them find solutions, and keep them accountable. Read more

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