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Matrix for Improvement: Using a Matrix to Make Sure You Deliver on Your Company Promise Matrix for Improvement: Using a Matrix to Make Sure You Deliver on Your Company Promise

Kleithermes Home & Remodeling uses this matrix to measure and update company goals and to hold staff accountable for working toward those goals. More

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Ask the Expert: Effective Client Follow-up Ask the Expert: Effective Client Follow-up

What's a good way to leave a message for a follow-up phone call to a client? More

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Pricing Adjustment

This Q&A with Big50 remodelers asks how the economy affects their pricing and bidding. More

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Useful roof stripping tools

Speaking about roof tear-offs, roofer Pat Green of Columbia, Mo., says, “There's no replacement for plain old hard work.” Power spudders and wheeled tear-off bars are designed for flat, commercial roofs, he explains. “In residential work, there is no secret weapon.” Still, he concedes, good tools help. More

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Owner's materials: owner's responsiblility

In a perfect world, homeowners would leave the technical side of the business up to the remodeler. Dan Kliethermes of Kliethermes Homes & Remodeling, Columbia, Mo., says that happens to him about once every other month. More

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Good Post-Construction Meetings

Mark Henson, Estimator, Medina Construction, Salina, Kan. Our post-construction meetings reflect the company's informal style. Mike Owings, President, Owings Brothers Contracting, Eldersburg, Md. We don't conduct post job meetings in person. Dan Kliethermes, President, Kliethermes Homes and Remodeling, Columbia, Mo. More

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Hiring good sales staff

As Dave Brady pondered his company's need for a full-time salesperson besides himself, an ex-employee named Steve Gruszka walked in the door. When he closed his company and contacted his old employer, Brady immediately saw the potential for his first salesperson. More

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