Burlington-South Burlington, VT

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Where and How To Look for a Good Hire Where and How To Look for a Good Hire

A Tennessee remodeler has rebuilt his staff by recruiting college graduates who don't know his business but have the drive and aptitude to learn. More

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Virtual Ease: Using 3-D PDFs to Convey a Design to Clients Virtual Ease: Using 3-D PDFs to Convey a Design to Clients

Using 3-D images can help clients better understand and experience their remodeling project, making for clearer communication and a smoother process. More

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Lead-Generation Services: Make Me a Match Lead-Generation Services: Make Me a Match

Many full-service and design/build remodelers are inclined to try lead providers ó once. More

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Energy-Efficient Changes Rank High on Value List Energy-Efficient Changes Rank High on Value List

Realtors and remodelers across the nation are seeing new attention being paid to energy efficiency. More

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Product Discounts

I like telling my clients that when they go into one of my suggested sales centers, they will be given my price. However, I pass my dealer discounts on to them. I want them to see the prices I'm paying for their goods. More

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Merit design/build remodeling design award

The homeowner didn't like the visibility of the laundry machines upon entering the home; she wanted them accessible but unseen. Designer Shawn Sweeney created open “lockers” for each family member along with shelving for shoes and drawers for miscellaneous items. More

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Q+A: Rain or Shine

Proper clothing is absolutely crucial for us. We wear lots of layers and insulated “bunny boots” that are good to 50 below. We buy chemical foot-warmers and glove-warmers by the case and provide these on jobsites. We also give everyone a set of ice cleats for working on slippery areas. More

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Following the remodeling rules

Remodeling is by its very nature a contentious process. But there is no magic bullet to protect against run-ins with customers or, worse, with their lawyers. The best protection, many remodelers agree, is as simple as establishing the rules and then making sure everyone follows them. More

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They Look Radiant

My folks lived in a 100-year-old house, complete with cast iron radiators. Charlie Bethel, a Burlington, Vt., plumber passes along these tips for adding panel radiation to an existing hot water heating system: Size the radiator to the calculated heat loss for the space; check the BTU output of the boiler to be certain that the new heated space won't exceed the boiler's capacity; and install a monoflow valve on the return side of the heat loop, which will direct return-side hot water back to the boiler.But the secret to panel radiators is PEX-AL-PEX, a tubing sandwich with inner and outer plastic casings surrounding a thin-wall aluminum hose. The compression fittings are tightened with adjustable wrenches; the crimp-on fittings require specialty tools.With PEX-AL-PEX tubing, an installer can snake through obstacle-ridden areas where rigid tubing might require additional demolition or contortions. More

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