When homeowners start deciding on their remodel, there's chance it will head outside the house and involve landscaping or a pool. If you aren't an expert in either of those areas, that could mean sharing a jobsite with someone who is. Instead of butting heads over conflicting design ideas, work with the homeowner and other contractors to provide the best situation for your client. Builder's Carol Thompson offers up some advice on how this collaboration can benefit all parties:

Come to the table knowing what you like and you will get to the finish line faster. Explore what’s out there from other architects and interior designers. Research the market segment that you are building for and determine what’s most important to them. Take into account how the landscape architect’s engineering plans (i.e., structure, drainage, etc.) influence your design choices.

It can be tough working with contractors outside your normal crew, but click on the link below to head over to Builder to get more advice on how to keep the process as smooth as possible.

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