Let’s assume you and your company have crafted a mission statement, developed a brief list of its core values, and have defined its unique business proposition. There is one piece of work remaining to be able to stay on target. Craft a vision for what success for the company will look like by a certain date in the future.

How is a vision different than a mission statement? A mission statement is the reason the business exists. I think it is a statement of why the owner, the crazy entrepreneur, decided to open the business. As such, it never changes.

Why does a remodeling company need a vision? A vision starts with the mission statement. A good vision then describes clearly where the company wants to be by a certain point in the future.

The vision speaks to what the company wants to achieve by a certain date. It defines a “location” so the business can make the necessary changes to get there, to create and then follow the map to the destination. Without a definition, a business flounders. It tends to go nowhere. It might be “successful” but does not achieve its full potential.

How to create a vision?

Set aside quiet time and get rid of interruptions. Best would be to block out an hour or so each week for several weeks.

Think about where the company started and where it is now. Consider the future you want for yourself and your family. What do you want for your employees and clients?

Talk with respected people in your business community. See how they went about a similar process and what they came up with.

Lay your thoughts out. Don’t edit them.

See what comes up more than once. Narrow down the possibilities. Decide by when you think the company could achieve the goal(s) you are considering.

Craft a summary. Then set it aside for a couple of days. Look at it and see if it still rings true.

If it does not, then keep on refining it. Remember, a good vision statement will pull you and your company forward for several years. It has to be inspiring, compelling, and date-specific.

Concerned you might reach to high, set a goal that can’t be achieved? Don’t worry. Remember, it is the journey that is most important, not the destination. Simply being pulled forward by the vision will get you further than if you didn’t create it.

Go for it!