Many of you know that I live in Ashland, Ore., home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. There are three theaters, 100 actors, and 400 other company members, all presenting 11 plays in rotating repertory.

Recently I attended an interview of Danforth Comins, an actor who has been part of the Festival for some time. One of the points Danforth made is: “You can’t play your day.”

 What he meant is, no matter how good or bad your day is going personally, when you step on the stage you MUST leave your personal life in the wings. The audience has paid to see you do your best and, frankly, does not care about what is happening to you personally. They simply want to see a good performance.

Given that remodeling is a service business that almost incidentally produces a remodel, Danforth’s comment resonated with me.

It is essential that all the employees of the remodeling client present their best when interacting with the client. Anything less will create a sense of doubt and confusion in the client. That will often lead to an unhappy client.

Focus on the experience you are delivering to the client and watch them sing praises about your performance!