Saying “Thank You” is one of the pleasures we humans have. It makes one feel good to say it and it feels good to hear it. You know what I mean or your heart isn’t beating!

Often opportunities to express thanks are missed. The hustle and bustle of getting things done and thinking about what else needs to be done gets in the way.

As a salesperson, I made it a point to say something like this: “Thanks for having Winans Construction work with you on your project. We don’t take it for granted and it is important to me that you know that.”

I would say that when the contract was signed, at least once while the project was under way (during a phone call or a visit), and when I did my post-completion walk-through. When I said it I would look the client right in the eye. My attention and appreciation made them feel special.

Recently we were dining at our Friday night go-to restaurant (Larks, in case you are ever in Ashland, Ore.!), seated at the bar where we always sit. There was a couple to our left. The rock star bartender, Amber, was serving all of us.

When Amber delivered the check to that couple here is what she said: “Thank you for joining me tonight.”

What a sweet way to put it. Amber made those folks feel better than if they had simply had a good meal. She made her appreciation of them personal.

What six words could say it better?

What can you say to your clients to make sure they know you appreciate them? Think about it with your team.

Say it with feeling … and watch the referrals come in.