One of the most dangerous characteristics remodelers seem to share is lack of familiarity with — if not outright apathy toward — their numbers. Kerry Bramon, however, gets everything he needs to know about the financial health of his company from a single sheet of paper.

After the bills are paid each month, the Columbia, Mo., remodeler updates this benchmark spreadsheet with numbers provided by his office manager. Bramon is able to quickly compare actual vs. projected data for a variety of indicators. “It gives me an idea of what's happening,” he says, “without getting too caught up in details.”

Editor's note: We've changed the format of this form due to space considerations. Bramon prints this form in landscape view, so that the two sections seen here are next to each other, across the top. The bottom of the form (not shown) contains annual numbers back to the year 2000. Additionally, the numbers shown here have been fabricated and aren't representative of Bramon's company.

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