This product selection spreadsheet is actually just one page in an Excel document that serves as Gilday Renovations' job workbook. “It's our bible,” says Tammy Zello, the Silver Spring, Md.–based company's product coordinator.

The form is color-coded for maximum ease of use. If a selection is highlighted in orange, it's still in the approval stage; gold indicates that the clients will be purchasing it themselves; and green tells Zello that the selection has been finalized and she can go ahead and order the product.

Download a PDF of this form. Editor's note: Due to space considerations, many columns — having to do with specifics of the product (e.g., manufacturer, model number, etc.) or the order (cost, supplier, etc.) — have been omitted in the reprinting of this form. The electronic version that Gilday keeps tracks much more than what you see on this page.