Good Form

Must-Haves for a Comprehensive ContractMust-Haves for a Comprehensive Contract

The better your contract is, the greater the likelihood that you’ll avoid problems... Read more

Progress Report for ClientsProgress Report for Clients

Weekly progress reports help build client trust and ensure clear communication. Read more

Sales Manager Project File ReviewSales Manager Project File Review

This checklist helps the sales manage ensure that the project file is complete... Read more

Pass the Baton: Sales to Production Hand-off FormPass the Baton: Sales to Production Hand-off Form

This hand-off form helps to ensure a smooth job start as the project transitions... Read more

Good Form: First ImpressionGood Form: First Impression

To convert leads to sales, you should listen and learn from prospects when they... Read more

Estimating RRP's Cost: Lead-Paint Work PlanEstimating RRP's Cost: Lead-Paint Work Plan

A step-by-step form for estimating a job that requires lead-safe practices. Read more

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