Does the cab of your truck resemble a giant filing cabinet? Tired of never having the right tools at the ready? If so, we've assembled some tips to help you become better organized in both the office and the field. Read on to get started on the road to increased productivity and efficiency—your business, and your clients, will thank you.


  • Document itOrganize your business by creating a manual that has detailed descriptions of all the positions within your company and what each is responsible for. If you're the sole proprietor, write down how you handle the various parts of your business (accounting, marketing, sales, etc.).
  • Organize your jobsite: Cut down on setup and breakdown time by organizing your truck and loading it with all the required tools and supplies before you head out to the jobsite.
  • Don't forget about money: Get your numbers in line—and keep better track of the performance of your business—by cleaning up your balance sheet. It will make doing those dreaded taxes easier too.
  • Play it safeAvoid OSHA fines and penalties by creating a comprehensive safety manual and by making sure that certifications are current.

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  • Get rolling: Keep tools close by (and organized) both in the shop and in the field by building rolling workstations. These can be constructed with scaffolding or by building your own frame.
  • Have your tools handy: If you're working in a place where you can't fit a workstation, invest in a good toolbelt or tool vest. Make sure that whatever you choose has enough pockets, is comfortable, and—if working with sensitive materials—keeps tools from leaving scratches or marks.
  • Keep track of ideas: Don't let problem-solving thoughts or brilliant ideas get lost in the shuffle. There are numerous free apps available that let you jot down and organize your notes in various ways so you can easily access them later.
  • Have your essentials at hand: Whether you have an actual office or just a desk for doing paperwork, make sure that it gets some attention and organization too. Have your most-used office items at the ready and recycle or put away any paperwork that isn't essential or being worked on.