How to Make Your Designers’ Work Easier

A few policies and practices can reduce stress and boost productivity Read more

Goodbye, Gofer: New Rules for InternshipsGoodbye, Gofer: New Rules for Internships

If you’re interested in setting up an internship program in order to get “free... Read more

What’s Complex Isn’t Complicated Once You Draw a Process MapWhat’s Complex Isn’t Complicated Once You Draw a Process Map

Creating a visual guide to performing a task can keep snafus away Read more

Good Form: Jobsite Safety Checklist Good Form: Jobsite Safety Checklist

This Colorado company’s forms help it keep workers safe—and workers’ comp rates low Read more

Seven Keys to Successful Onboarding

Start a new worker right with consistent messaging and constant interaction Read more

Is it a Roof or Deck?Is it a Roof or Deck?

Bill Leys explains some of the critical details that go into a durable, walkable... Read more

Recip Blade Compass

Did you know that your recip saw blade can do more than just cut? Here's how you can use it as a compass or to draw a 90-degree angle in a pinch. Read more

Installing Custom Cabinets on Toe-Kick Bases

Starting with a site-leveled toe-kick platform base is one good way to get a kitchen full of custom cabinets installed plumb and level. Here’s a step-by-step look at the way one Portland, Maine, cabinetmaker gets it done. Read more

Tags: Cabinets
When Prospects Ask for a Cost Breakdown, Say This

Dig into the emotional and technical reasons for the request Read more

Easy, Low-Cost, Drainable Strapping for Rainscreen Siding

Boston-based developer/builder PlaceTailor likes to innovate. Here’s one small example: A clever way to make drainable strapping for a rainscreen siding detail. Read more

Tags: Exteriors
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