Good Form: Jobsite Safety Checklist Good Form: Jobsite Safety Checklist

This Colorado company’s forms help it keep workers safe—and workers’ comp rates low Read more

Seven Keys to Successful Onboarding

Start a new worker right with consistent messaging and constant interaction Read more

Recip Blade Compass

Did you know that your recip saw blade can do more than just cut? Here's how you can use it as a compass or to draw a 90-degree angle in a pinch. Read more

Installing Custom Cabinets on Toe-Kick Bases

Starting with a site-leveled toe-kick platform base is one good way to get a kitchen full of custom cabinets installed plumb and level. Here’s a step-by-step look at the way one Portland, Maine, cabinetmaker gets it done. Read more

Tags: Cabinets
When Prospects Ask for a Cost Breakdown, Say This

Dig into the emotional and technical reasons for the request Read more

Easy, Low-Cost, Drainable Strapping for Rainscreen Siding

Boston-based developer/builder PlaceTailor likes to innovate. Here’s one small example: A clever way to make drainable strapping for a rainscreen siding detail. Read more

Tags: Exteriors
Cut Drywall Without a T-Square

This video features a simple way to cut drywall with a tape measure and utility knife. Read more

Tags: Drywall
Roof Flashing Mistakes to Avoid

No matter what the age of a building there is one simple universal truth: Water is a building's worst enemy. One of the most common places for water to penetrate a building? The roof. Here's how to make sure you flash a roof right so water doesn't get in. Read more

Building a Deck for an Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools often provide a challenge to remodelers and deck builders. They feature tricky angles and can vary in size and complexity. Here's how one veteran deck builder handles a wide variety of such projects and how he's learned to keep costs down and profits up. Read more

Tags: Decks
How to Answer a Customer Who Wants to Buy the Products for Your Job

Explain—in detail—the hidden costs and headaches of supply and delivery Read more

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