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Report: Air Sealing Trumps Insulation TypeReport: Air Sealing Trumps Insulation Type

Experts at Building Science Corp., just released the results of a five-year study... Read more

Leads for the Asking: Building Referral Business

From e-newsletters to satisfaction surveys, there are a variety of ways to boost the referral portion of your lead flow. Here, marketing experts supply some basic steps to streamline the process. Read more

To Beat the Competition, First Get to Know Them

Assessing competitors should be a regular, ongoing part of your business strategy. Here's why: Most businesses were built around a niche or advantage that the company founder perceived as missing from the marketplace, but you should never assume that your competitive advantages will be there forever. Read more

Increase Profits: Home Performance for the Long Haul

Instead of trying to create a separate business or division focusing on home performance, perhaps remodelers should incorporate the principles into all their work. If there are incentive programs that help offset some costs, thatís a nice bonus, but home performance remodeling can provide long-term benefits for everyone involved. Read more

Accurate Energy Measurements for Home Sales

BPI standards assure energy-efficiency upgrade information is accurately valued for the home sales process. Read more

Retreat to Rejuvenate: Why Annual Retreats Are Good for Your Company

Industry consultant Victoria Downing interviews Steve Barkhouse of Amsted Construction about his company's annual planning retreat and why it's so important. Read more

Who Will Rate the Raters?

It's all fine and dandy if home energy ratings are accurate. But what if the ratings are bogus? Read more

Southern Pine Gets New, Lower Design Values

Changes in Southern pine's values will affect trusses, joists, and rafters. Read more

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