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Increase Profits: Home Performance for the Long Haul

Instead of trying to create a separate business or division focusing on home performance, perhaps remodelers should incorporate the principles into all their work. If there are incentive programs that help offset some costs, thatís a nice bonus, but home performance remodeling can provide long-term benefits for everyone involved. Read more

Accurate Energy Measurements for Home Sales

BPI standards assure energy-efficiency upgrade information is accurately valued for the home sales process. Read more

Modernizing a Historic Eichler Home Modernizing a Historic Eichler Home

Renovation maintains the lines of this classic design while enhancing its connection to the outdoors. Read more

Who Will Rate the Raters?

It's all fine and dandy if home energy ratings are accurate. But what if the ratings are bogus? Read more

Case Study: Neil Kelly Home Performance Division

In Portland, Ore., Neil Kelly's home performance division sees 109% annualized growth in six years. Read more

Green Challenge: Remodelers Should Educate Themselves to Sell Energy Efficiency

You owe it to your clients to be knowledgeable about energy-efficient upgrades so you can offer relevant home-performance upgrades for their home. Read more

Making His Mark: Tom Kelly Wins the 2011 Fred Case Entrepreneur of the Year AwardMaking His Mark: Tom Kelly Wins the 2011 Fred Case...

For his business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and industry involvement, Pacific... Read more

Watt's up Doc? A Home-Performance Division 'in the Box' Watt's up Doc? A Home-Performance Division 'in the Box'

Getting a home-performance division set up quickly using the expertise and training materials of Home Performance Matters. Read more

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