High-Performance Building

A Look Back at the 2014 Remodeling ShowA Look Back at the 2014 Remodeling Show

From tech tips to new business opportunities, this year’s Remodeling Show treated... Read more

Passive Expressive: Colorado's First Passive House

Colorado's first certified Passive House is a happy marriage of performance and design that includes performance standards that do little to compromise design. Read more

4 “Do’s” of Selling High-Performance Homes

High-performance homes and retrofits may be all the rage in the housing market, yet many homeowners appear weary about spending money on such homes and additions. Here's what you can do to change their minds and close sales. Read more

Product Transparency Movement Gets X-Rayed at Greenbuild

The Greenbuild expo covers a lot of ground. For remodelers, some of the more important topics involved energy rating labels and the notion that manufacturers should reveal more about what's in the goods they sell. Read more

General's Predator Line Attacks Heat-Driven Problems

This expanded collection of thermal imaging cameras improves diagnostic accuracy and can help sell upgrades Read more

Report: Air Sealing Trumps Insulation TypeReport: Air Sealing Trumps Insulation Type

Experts at Building Science Corp., just released the results of a five-year study... Read more

Design Inspiration for Solar Living From the 2013 Solar Decathlon Design Inspiration for Solar Living From the 2013 Solar Decathlon

Every year the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon inspires fresh thinking in solar design. Of the 20 projects entered in this year's competition, take a look at these four designs to see a good cross section of the wide variety of approaches taken. Read more

Increase Profits: Home Performance for the Long Haul

Instead of trying to create a separate business or division focusing on home performance, perhaps remodelers should incorporate the principles into all their work. If there are incentive programs that help offset some costs, thatís a nice bonus, but home performance remodeling can provide long-term benefits for everyone involved. Read more

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