Storm and Wind Resistance

Shelter From the Storm: Ways to Keep Customers Safe During Disasters

Consider selling safe rooms and using modern construction techniques to help remodel customers' homes so they can better withstand natural disasters. Read more

Bracing for the Storm: Tips and Products for Hurricane Season

Several manufacturers are offering products and insight that can help remodelers protect their clientsí homes during the hurricane season. Read more

Sobering Realities Take Hold Along the Florida Gulf Coast

Michael K. Walker, a veteran remodeler in Sarasota, Fla., points out two danger signs along the horizon: permitting lag time and new wind-zone insurance requirements. Read more

Wind-Resistant Garage DoorsWind-Resistant Garage Doors

In a major windstorm, such as a hurricane or a tornado, it's the windows and doors... Read more

Built-In SecurityBuilt-In Security

Fifteen years ago, even high-end homes were unlikely to sport windows that could... Read more

Windows pass wind testWindows pass wind test

Remodeling in Florida means complying with the strictest codes in the country for... Read more

Florida Remodel With Japanese InfluencesFlorida Remodel With Japanese Influences

Named “Seijaku” by its designers, this project embodies this Japanese principle of... Read more

Insurance industry presses for impact-resistant roofing

Roofing contractors express skepticism, and some shingle makers seem cautious. Still, the insurance industry has charged forward promoting impact-resistant (IR) shingles to stave off hail damage. Read more

Storm Rooms: Safe Rooms

More than 1,000 tornadoes touch down in the United States each year, according to the Weather Channel, ripping through communities with wind speeds of up to 318 mph. Many homeowners in tornado-prone areas of the country are seeking protection by adding safe rooms and storm rooms. There are many manufacturers of prefabricated storm rooms and safe rooms, and some -- such as RemagenSafeRooms, KeepSafe, New Necessities, and Zytech Engineering -- make both. Read more

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