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HOUSEWORKS | DC is a family owned and operated business, with decades of combined real estate experience. We launched HouseWorks to consolidate this unique combination of real estate, finance, remodeling and interior design, and property law experience under one roof. Together we identify and acquire distressed and undervalued properties, then implement quality home renovations designed to capitalize the potential value of each property. Because each property is unique, there is simply no substitute for experience in determining what type of improvements will maximize the value of a given home.

The HouseWorks team knows we are measured by the quality of our work, so every member strives to build a portfolio that reflects our high values. We understand that strong communities are built over time, one family at a time. We take pride in knowing that each home we improve and place back into the community with enhanced value offers a contribution as the new homeowners and their surrounding neighbors all benefit as values rise throughout their neighborhood.


  1. Award Winning 1810 Virginia Home Gets a New Life

    1810 Virginia Home Gets a New Life

    Winchester, Va.


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