4 Reasons the Housing Market Could Improve in the Second Half of 2014

The housing market’s performance over the first six months of the year left a lot to be desired, but the housing market analysts at Redfin expect the market in urban areas to regain its footing over the second half of 2014. Here's how it could happen. Read more

The Best Real Estate Deals and Where to Find Them

Do you know what the best homes and properties are for purchasing? Here's a listing of 24 property profiles ranked by state and the potential discounts that could be applied to such properties. Read more

The Most and Least Expensive States for Energy Costs

ECOBUILDING PULSE, a sister publication of REMODELING, created an interactive heat map displaying how each state ranks for total energy costs. It breaks down average electric, natural gas, and fuel costs thanks to information from WalletHub's "Most and Least Energy Expensive States" report. Read more

First-Time Buyers and New-Home Demand: Reverting to Normal

Make way for the Millennial buyers. For the first time since 2005, the Current Population Survey shows a drop in the number of 20-somethings living at home. Read more

5 States With the Most (and the Fewest) Foreclosures

Foreclosures as a percentage of sales are falling, but they’re still high in some states. Here are how the states stack up against each other and what parts of the country are recovering better than others. Read more

Residential Construction Spending Up 7.5%

Total private residential construction spending estimated to be up 7.5% compared to a year ago, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census. The numbers show significant improvement in construction spending for the single-family and multifamily categories. Read more

Millennials May Be About to Move Out

After suffering through the recession, it appears that millennials (those born between 1985 and 2004) are ready to move out on their own, according to data from Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. Those new homeowners and households are predicted to be a huge driver of the economy moving forward. Read more

SoCal Remodeler Wins Fred Case AwardSoCal Remodeler Wins Fred Case Award

Bill Simone takes prestigious prize for innovation in financing, marketing Read more

Cost vs. Value: Nothing Average Here Cost vs. Value: Nothing Average Here

See how a midrange project in one city can cost more than an upscale addition somewhere else. Read more

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