An Old House Gets a New Thermomass Basement

Giving an old house new life can be an exciting project for many contractors, especially for those operating in historical areas. Here's how one contractor did that with a house in the Boston suburbs by installing a Thermomass basement. Read more

Keep Time and Emotion from Killing a Negotiation

Negotiations take time and energy, but they don't have to be painful. Here are five ways to keep negotiations on track and prevent them from killing more time and extracting more emotion than they already do. Read more

Business Etiquette Still Matters

Even though the business world has become somewhat casual in recent years, that doesn't mean business etiquette has been thrown out the window. How you dress and carry yourself still matters. Read more

Identifying Poria Fungus

While renovating a home in New Jersey, a contractor found a fungus-like growth in the bathroom. Is it poria? According to one expert, a field test is easier and cheaper than a lab test to find out and if it is the house eating fungus, here's how to stop it. Read more

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How To Re-Discover Your Motivation

It happens to the best of us, usually thanks to monotony. If you've lost your motivation or just want to refocus on what you're doing, changing the way you think—and introducing a few key habits into your routine—can help you get that motivation back. Read more

Yellow Pad Estimating: The Good and the Bad

Many contractors start out learning how to estimate by using a yellow pad and writing out their estimates, REMODELING consultant Shawn McCadden notes. Sure, it allows for estimates to be created on the fly, but it allows little room for editing and changes or variations. Thanks to technology, however, old-school "yellow pad estimating" may soon be obsolete. Read more

The Buck Stops Where?

Ever deal with a nightmare supplier? Mike Damora, a columnist for REMODELING's sister publication, REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR, has. Here's his story and why accountability is an important part of an organization’s culture—and so is a lack of it. Read more

Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Knowing how to motivate your employees can be a difficult task to master. Since everyone is different and most likely at different points in their careers, you will most likely need to rely on more than one way to motivate your workers. Read more

Connecting Girders to Deck Ledgers

What do the codes say about connecting girders to deck ledgers when constructing a deck? According to deck building expert Glenn Mathewson, apparently a little too much without enough good reasoning. Read more

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5 Reasons to Make Friends with Your Competitors

Sure, you probably don't want to see your competition be successful, but that doesn't mean you have to view them as your enemy. In fact, there is a lot you can learn from your competitors that can help keep you and your business in the lead. Read more

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