Andy Hannan

Andy Hannan

Andy began his construction career in high school, learned all phases of construction and building practices at U.S. Home Corp., ran his own construction company for 11 years, and has been with Mark IV Builders since 1995, where he is now production manager. Production, field crews, teamwork
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Andy Hannan's Posts

Make To-Do Lists Your Top Priority

A simple, consistently updated to-do list can help you prioritize and complete tasks. Read more

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No Train, No Gain: Start Training Employees From Day OneNo Train, No Gain: Start Training Employees From Day One

Start training field crew from day one

Effectively using a training manual to orient and train new hires goes a long way toward building company culture and consistent company procedures. Read more

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Improve Your Customer Service By Sweating the Small StuffImprove Your Customer Service By Sweating the Small Stuff

The devil is in the details

Don't just look at the big picture--pay attention to the little things. Read more

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Pros Who Know: Tap Manufacturers and Suppliers for Training

Look to manufacturers and suppliers for installation training

Turn to product experts to train your crews on correct product installation and to boost your employees' product knowledge. Read more

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Empower and Lead: Encouraging Employee Autonomy

ANDY HANNAN on what's to be gained by communicating decision-making authority to employees and subcontractors. Read more

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