Being Boss Isn't Always About Being Right. It's Always About Doing the Right Thing.

Being right and doing the right thing are sometimes two different things. You can be right but still do the wrong thing and vice versa. REMODELING columnist Paul Winans reminds us that being the boss is more about doing right than being right. Read more

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This Hot Dog Vendor Can Teach You to Be a Better Boss

REMODELING consultant Paul Winans cites the story of a longtime worker at one of his old favorite eateries as an example of how to encourage and celebrate your workers as they strive to deliver on your company’s promises. Read more

Sometimes, the Biggest Obstacle to Your Success Is … You

REMODELING consultant Paul Winans goes to England by way of Australia to sell you a story about a barrier to your operations that lies much, much closer to home. Read more

You Might Need an Attitude Adjustment. But What Kind?

REMODELING consultant Paul Winans identifies four popular personality types. One of them is much better than the others, he argues. Read more

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Want to Succeed? Develop These Three TraitsWant to Succeed? Develop These Three Traits

REMODELING columnist Paul Winans finds value in a new book’s research on how a... Read more

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When Will the Fog Around Your Business Lift? Have Faith

Know that when the sun does return, you'll be that much more knowledgeable, REMODELING consultant Paul Winans says. Read more

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NARI's Executive Vice President Resigns

Executive vice president Mary Busey Harris will step down in April to spend time with her family. Read more

Gwyn Donohue Named Executive Director of NAHB RemodelersGwyn Donohue Named Executive Director of NAHB Remodelers

The former director of public relations and consumer content moves to a new... Read more

Transparency Movement Trends at Greenbuild 2013 Transparency Movement Trends at Greenbuild 2013

Transparency and labeling were key—and contentious—issues at the conference. Read more

When You Set Goals, Set the Right Kind

How you achieve your objectives can outrank exact what you specifically want to do Read more

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