Begin with an existing 5x7 bathroom with toilet, tub shower, storage space, overhead light, tile floor, and single bathroom vanity with sink and a mirror behind the sink. Widen doorway so the room is accessible by wheelchair. Replace existing door with a wood interior door and standard interior door knobs with push button lock. Reinforce bathroom walls as appropriate to support grab bars, towel hooks, and seats. Place electrical switches and outlets at heights that make them accessible to a person in a wheelchair. Replace existing 3x5 tub/shower unit with a walk-in, zero-threshold shower. Install a fold-down seat in the shower area. Use a height-adjustable/removable shower head. Replace existing toilet with comfort-height toilet. Install support bars as needed next to the toilet. Replace the bathroom vanity and sink with a unit whose doors are easily accessible while sitting and has space beneath for a person to sit comfortably at it. Install a standard porcelain sink and faucets with lever handles. Place mid-priced light fixtures on either side of the mirror. Replace overhead lighting with a 100-watt equivalent LED unit. Reconfigure storage so it can be accessed from a wheelchair.