I visited a foreign country recently. The country is between two oceans. One of my visits was on the west side of the country, the other was close to the east. The cities were quite different. One thing was the same: All public signage (and most private signage) was in two languages.

In some of the buildings and stores I went into, the people who worked there were bilingual. They were able to switch from one language to the other with little effort. Walking the streets of both cities, I heard the two languages being spoken. Plus other languages I heard.

Where was I?

Canada. The languages are French and English.

One day our country will adopt a second national language. Hopefully I will be alive to see this happen. My bet is it will be Spanish.

I have always wanted to speak Spanish with more skill. Early in high school I took it for a year or two. Having much of the signage I see in two languages would help me and a lot of people get more skilled in either one.

According to the Pew Research Center, the nation’s Latino population has increased from 6.3 million then to 55.3 million by 2014, and it's projected to grow to 119 million by 2060. I saw that population change while living in California for over 30 years. In 1990, the state had 7.7 million Latino residents vs. 17.3 million non-Latinos. But by 2014, according to this Los Angeles Times article, Latinos had taken the lead, accounting for 14.99 million of the Golden State's residents compared with 14.92 million non-Latinos.

So when do you think we will have two national languages?