When going for that remodeling upsell, outdoor remodeling might not seem like the most obvious choice. But keeping up with the neighbors can be a strong motivator, and recently released data from the Census Bureau's Survey of Construction shows where decks are in demand and where patios are popular in newly built homes. This data could help you get the upsell by knowing exactly what to suggest. National Association of Home Builders research staffer Ashok Chaluvadi studies the data, and details which home features prevail for each region. Chaluvadi writes,

“The Census Bureau’s SOC data is available by the nine census divisions. Patios are most common in new homes in the West South Central (79% of new homes started in 2014), followed by the Mountain (66 %) and Pacific divisions (65%). Patios are least common in the Middle Atlantic (24%), New England (25 %) and East South Central divisions (38%). These shares have remained relatively stable since 2009.

One the other hand, decks are most common in New England (included in 66% of homes started in 2014), followed at a distance by the East South Central (47%) and West North Central (45%) divisions. Decks are comparatively uncommon in the West South Central division (4%). Elsewhere, 18% to 26% of the new homes started in 2014 had decks. These geographic tendencies have also remained relatively stable since 2009.”

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