The garage has been a staple of many American homes for decades. After serving as storage for cars, outdoor equipment, and just general stuff, the garage is seeing a renaissance. The Wall Street Journal's Ellen Byron reports that sales of garage organizers 4.5% each year from now until 2019, and that last year 24% of new garages could hold up to three cars. That means garages are getting bigger, and have become an opportunity for remodelers to take advantage of:

California Closets says sales of its garage products have doubled since 2010, as investing in the garage has become a bigger priority among homeowners. “When clients are moving into a new home, they’re even choosing to do their garage ahead of certain furniture purchases and landscaping, because they’re so starved for storage and organization,” Mr. Weiss says.

Cabinetry, new flooring, and more space are all fairly common garage requests. Click below to read the full article over at the Wall Street Journal, then come back here and tell us if you've ever been asked to remodel a garage before.

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