Fast Company's Diana Budds shares expert insight from Pantone Color Institute vice president Laurie Pressman, who ran color analysis on a few photographs of Donald Trump to pin which Pantone shade most accurately represents the presidential candidate's unmistakably orange complexion.

Since photographs can vary in lighting and color, Pressman considered many of them and determined that Trump's skin ranges from brown-toned orange to golden yellow. After blending together his various hues, Pressman determined the best bet to be the aptly named Gold Flame (Pantone 16-1449). She also considers his hair:

There’s three shades that can speak to his hair. Here you have Desert Sun. Then I had Golden Orange and thought, like all else Donald Trump touches, his hair has gold weaved in because he’s all about gold. In many cultures it speaks to status and prestige, but in the case of Donald Trump it could point to being over the top. And then Autumn Blaze because he has this fiery temperament. No surprise that’s the closest color match to Donald Trump. It’s hot, it’s energized, it’s animated, it’s expansive. At the same time it can speak to being raucous and boisterous, garish or flamboyant, frivolous and offensive.

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