Read below to see the language used in the craigslist ad that Spectacular Home Remodeling used to hire apprentice carpenter Jenna Miller. Scroll down for more examples.

Entry Level Carpenter / Carpenter Apprentice
Specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, and additions, Spectacular Home Remodeling is full service remodeling company looking for a motivated individual to join our small, family oriented company. Applicant must be able to periodically lift in excess of 75 pounds, be comfortable in tight spaces, and comfortable working from a roof or ladder. If you have a long-range desire to further develop your skills and talents in the remodeling industry with professional carpenters, please reply to this email or fax your resume to xxxxxxx.
Speck Enterprises has been in business since 1992 and is an equal opportunity employer.
This position is a full-time, permanent position. Compensation includes health insurance, paid holidays, and an hourly pay scale $10.00 to $15.00 depending on experience.

As this ad shows, the ease of online recruiting lets remodelers create a compelling picture of their companies and the people who thrive at them. Why settle at bare-bones hiring lines like this? "Qualified carpenter wanted. Must have truck and tools. Good money."

For more inspiration, we visited craigslist, the world's biggest online classified community, where detailed job listings are often free to post and can attract written, revealing responses. Sample strategies:

  • Describe the company. Besides "remodeling firm," think culture. Examples: "We're small ... but growing." "Small, family-oriented company." "Award-winning." "Progressive, growth-oriented." "A great place to work."
  • Describe the attributes you want. Besides job-specific skills, think passion. "A true enjoyment of carpentry." "Motivated individual." "Pleasant to deal with." "A sense of humor." "Long-range desire to further develop your skills and talents in the remodeling industry." "Commited to excellence." "Must truly care for people."
  • Tell what you offer. Besides competitive pay and benefits, think personal growth. Examples: "Room to grow and advance." "Challenging work." "Opportunity to build a long-term, positive business relationship."