To answer questions about maintaining kitchen products from his clients, Dan Luck added a section to his Web site that includes instructions for the care of cabinetry, engineered stone, and natural stone. The president of Bella Domicile in Madison, Wis., says the Web site provides instructions more accurately and efficiently than explaining details over the phone. “For example, some clients ask about the cabinet doors — they might not even know our cabinetry has six-way hinges,” he explains.

He uses instructions from the manufacturers, but sometimes adds shortcuts or details from his own experience. The staff at Bella Domicile informs clients about the site when they call the company about maintenance. Luck also included a reference to this section in a customer newsletter.

He plans to expand beyond the three categories currently listed. To make it a one-stop experience, Luck is also considering selling some of the care and use products, such as granite cleaner, on the Web site.