If the quickest way to clients' hearts is through their stomachs, then The Neil Kelly Co. is on the fast track to that spot. The company offers clients and potential clients cooking demonstrations at its showroom. The demonstration is held on Saturdays, after a series of seminars on other aspects of remodeling.

The Portland, Ore., company partnered with Dacor appliances for these cooking lessons and installed their Epicure line in a demonstration kitchen.

"It's a good match and good branding for both of us," says Julia Spence, vice president of communication.

The appliance manufacturer also provides a chef and helper. The chef demonstrates convection cooking techniques, while highlighting features of the Epicure products. "We want to show people interested in kitchen design and remodeling that the fancy appliances are manageable and can make cooking efficient and fun," Spence says.

The chef usually makes a full meal, from appetizers to dessert, Spence says, to thank clients for spending a Saturday afternoon learning about Neil Kelly's remodeling services.