Free advertising opportunities are rare. But by taking advantage of services provided by Google Local Business Center, you can position your business to be among the first encountered by potential clients using Google to search for remodelers in your marketplace.

To see just how powerful a marketing tool it can be, type the name of your city or town and the word “remodeler” into a Google search. Though Google still lists results of varying relevance from all over the Web, the first three listings you'll see are for local remodeling professionals. There's also a link just below those listings where users can click for more local results.

Although the remodeling companies listed may not sell a particular job solely because their name appears in an Internet search, they do hold a distinct advantage: They've made it easier for the prospect to make the initial call.

To get your business listed:

1. Go to and click on “Add/Edit Your Business” in the bottom left of the page.

2. Follow the steps provided. Here you'll be asked to enter information such as your business name, address, and phone number, but you'll also have the opportunity to provide your Web site URL, a description of your business, a logo or image to represent your company (for example, a picture of your office), and a coupon or special offer for potential clients. All of this information can be included free of charge.

You will then have to verify your business' information either by telephone or snail mail.

3. After verifying your information, check back to ensure your business is correctly listed. To update your listing at any time, simply repeat the process described above. If it's your address that's changed, Google will once again ask to verify this information by telephone or mail.