When was the list time you took a look at your resume? It's probably been a while, especially if you're a company owner. That's why Mark Harari over at Remodeler's Advantage suggests that now is the perfect time to revisit that list of accomplishments and update it. It's not because your business is in danger, rather, the resume can help you re-focus on who you are and how you got to your current role. Harari goes into more detail:

When you put together your resume, you will go through an exhaustive exploration of what it is you actually do day in and day out. It will amaze you; I guarantee it.

As you assemble your duties into a cohesive resume-style document, patterns will begin to emerge. For example, you may start to see tasks that your office manager should be doing, or perhaps a list of grunt-work that you could pay a minimum wage helper to perform.

If that's not enough to convince you to tackle your resume, Harari offers three more tips, so click on the link below and check them out over at the Remodeler's Advantage website.

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