Time Cards

Time cards are critical to all aspects of a remodeling business. They're important for employees because they establish fair compensation for time on the job. And they're needed by the administrative staff because they include the phase code or cost codes and information to track job costs and adjust the estimating system to reflect the real time field work takes.

As your field employees fill in their time cards, remember the following:

Make sure the crew fills the card out every day. If they don't, they will forget some details and the information will be useless.

Fill it in completely. Include all required information. If a carpenter isn't sure why or how to answer certain questions, they should ask the production manager.

Keep the card clean and legible. Use a pen or small pencil to fill out the card. A time card is a tool for the bookkeeper. If it is not clean, complete, and legible, the administrative staff cannot do their work efficiently. — Tim Faller, Field Training Services, www.leadcarpenter.com.