A Boise, Idaho, remodeler says he's come up with a way to keep his company on his customers' minds: He provides a home-needs inventory and then serves those needs. In fact, it's such a good system that John Frazier of John Frazier Construction expects later this year to be awarded a patent on what he calls "The Works." He then plans to sell the system, as a franchise opportunity, to other remodelers.

For an average cost of $450 (it could be more, based on the house's square footage), a homeowner receives a "home physical," then a repair schedule, followed by a maintenance program.

Frazier has used The Works as part of his design/build firm's services but has now formalized the process, developing software to franchise the system.

The Works analyzes a home's systems, fixtures, appliances, and finishes and gives options to check on such concerns as lead paint and mold. Trade specialists or subcontractors do the physical assessment, then the maintenance service, and a "home specialist" handles customer contact. Customers can opt for one of four maintenance levels: what's required; recommended; optional; or done with the customer's carte blanche.

Frazier collects a markup on every step in The Works. He says The Works is different from Web-based trade affiliate networks, home warranties, inspection services, and contractor referral services. This is primarily because of the home specialist, who manages the care, lives in the community, works for a local reputable remodeling company, brings his own network of tradespeople to insure proper work, and monitors security.

For remodelers, Frazier says, The Works can smooth out cash flow and help make project scheduling predictable. "People talk to us every six months, but the home specialist is there every quarter," Frazier says. "And he knows, from the assessment, what's involved in any remodeling project. The Works also minimizes marketing and sales expenses, with a built-in caseload of up to 300 homes every home specialist can work with."

Frazier's yet-to-be determined franchise fee will include training, software, and marketing assistance. He hopes to help franchisees market and sell the service through real estate agents, insurance and mortgage brokers, and new-home builders. Contact Frazier at frazier20@integrity.com.