As you are well aware—that is if you've read Remodeling's 2016 Cost vs. Value Report—attic insulation projects will typically provide the largest return on investment when reselling a home.'s Scott Van Voorhis discusses some of the Cost vs. Value Report findings in his recent story on cost-effective home improvement projects:

“As a general rule, the simpler and lower-cost the project, the bigger its cost-value ratio,” REMODELING'S Cost vs. Value report notes. “Four of the five projects that cost less than $5,000 for a pro to do were ranked in the top five for cost recouped.”

Van Voorhis' focus on Boston-area statistics (the CvV numbers can be sorted by region) shows there is a big-ticket project that can recoup 82 percent of an average $200,000 investment:

The next three best projects for getting at least some of your money back are putting in a steel entry door (80 percent of cost recouped), replacing your garage door (83 percent), and installing a manufactured stone veneer (84 percent). All three projects range in cost from $3,295 to more than $7,000." Van Voorhis writes. "One exception, at least in space-starved Boston, is adding a second floor. That will put you out nearly $200,000, but you will recoup roughly 82 percent of that – or $163,995 – when it comes time to sell."

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