From fireclay and ceramic to cast acrylic and stainless, today's basins range from traditional to trendy. Read on to get “in sink” with the latest products.

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A single round bowl with European-style drainboard, the model LR521 stainless steel sink is suitable for the kitchen, laundry, or bar, and allows enough room for a dishwasher beneath. The sink's satin-finished, 304-grade stainless steel construction allows for optimum hygiene and durability, the maker says. 800.449.4401.

Perfect for a kitchen island or preparation area, the Mystic 2812 undermount sink is designed to be the focal point of entertainment gatherings. Available in 48- or 26-inch-long styles, water cascades from the faucet to the drain at the opposite end over satin-finished, nickel-bearing stainless steel. The sloping sink comes with an LK8 grid strainer. 630.572.3192.

Bates and Bates.
From the Artistry in Ceramics collection comes the fun colors line of basins, reflecting a new hue in sink products. Five pastel colors are now available for a variety of basin styles and patterns, and each ceramic glaze is created from organic materials, which produces a unique finish, the maker says. 800.726.7680.

The fireclay farmhouse sink fuses durability with the warmth of handmade pottery, creating a traditional look. The apron-front sink has a high-gloss glaze and is highly resistant to chipping or scratching because of its firing process. 800.423.5537.

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MTI Whirlpools.
The Seafoam Green Jentle Jet Laundry Sink combines fashion with function. Three powerful microjets, a three-speed control knob that adjusts whirlpool action, and a quiet, 1.0-bhp pump ensure that garments, from delicate to bulky, receive appropriate care. The Lucite cast acrylic sink comes with a washboard front and is available in more than 50 colors. 800.783.8827.

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