Licensing can be a frustrating part of the remodeling process. Most remodelers believe the profession should uphold professional and technical standards, but many say licensing ensures neither because of easy, meaningless, or nonexistent tests and educational requirements.

Requirements and Compliance

Under what circumstances would you work without a license in violation of the law?

1. Job for relative
2. Job for friend
3. Small job
4. One-time job in another state
5. Other

Does your company have all its legally required licenses?

In how many states and/or municipalities is your company licensed to do business?

Why doesn't your company have all its legally required licenses?

Are remodelers required to be licensed in your region?

Costs and Other Demands How much do you spend on licensing each year?

How much time does your company spend dealing with licensing issues each year?

Do you believe there should be a continuing education requirement?

Does your local licensing agency have a continuing education requirement?

Licensing: For and Against
Why do you support mandatory licensing? “To even out the playing field. A lot of licensed contractors work very hard at doing things right and projecting a positive image. Unlicensed contractors are more apt to cut corners, do unsatisfactory work, and give all of us a bad reputation.”
Gary Bowman, Boulder Roofing, Boulder, Colo.

“It's at least a minimum requirement of accountability to the state, and it gives owners a way to check — through an independent source — that you're a legitimate business.”
Michael Raymond, M.C. Raymond – Builder, Port Townsend, Wash.

Why do you not support mandatory licensing?