With services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the world is becoming a smaller place. Connections to friends and associates is being compounded by e-introductions to new people and potential business partners with the click of a mouse. And where does news and information spread faster than on the Web, and particularly through social media? (Even the "Miracle on the Hudson" jet crash was tweeted about on Twitter before news coverage began.)

Last weekend, attendees of the Remodeling Leadership Conference also got in on the action. Remodeling editors Leah Thayer and Lauren Hunter, as well as  green remodeler and Remodeling Online blogger Michael Anschel of Otagawa-Anschel used the social media venue Twitter to share snippets of conference presentations 140 characters at a time. They were joined by Guild Quality president Geoff Graham, and other industry and business pros including Robin Burrill of Curb Appeal Renovations, and Joy Kilgore, president of Executive Business Approach.

During speaker presentations and networking receptions, "tweets" were posted, often with the tag #rmlc09. By searching on this tag, Twitter users can see an entire stream of content coming from the conference. So, even industry professionals who were unable to attend could keep up with some of the speakers' valuable insights. To see how Twitter works, and to view this content feed, click here. The posts will appear in reverse chronological order.

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