It's important for builders and homeowners to know the risk of a storm surge at their location. Understanding can mean the difference between life and death. This handy tool from the National Hurricane Center uses maps (pictured above) to show storm surge risk in coastal zones based on the hurricane's strength. 

"If your street is covered in red, it means that a storm could possibly flood your house," Ted Cushman explains on Journal of Light Construction. "[This is] useful information if you're buying or building, or if an actual storm is headed your way."

The map isn't detailed enough to give risk information on a building or lot level, but Cushman also explains that you can purchase parcel-by-parcel flood monitoring information from CoreLogic.

Risk assessment tools like this are only the first step. There are many homes and businesses in high-risk areas so roofers, remodelers, and other construction pros are constantly learning and innovating to combat severe storms with durable construction and products.  

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