Dust Door Prize

Trying to keep areas adjacent to work areas clean, Ed Castle Jr. found that rigging plastic sheets across doorways was ineffective and made using the entryways difficult. He tried the DustDoor, a temporary door and barrier made of laminated polyester fabric with a high tensile strength and tear resistance, and he was hooked. Castle says he uses the door on nearly 50% of his projects.

The DustDoor seals off rooms under construction from adjacent spaces, controlling dust and debris. A heavy duty commercial grade zipper allows easy use of the entryway without having to remove the barrier. The maker says the barrier is easy to clean, resists rot, and is waterproof.

"The neatest thing about it is that you have something that seals the job up, as opposed to something that can let dust, pets, and dirt in," Castle says. "There's nothing that beats this if you need something consistent."

Courtesy DustDoor

Remodeler: Edward Castle Jr.

Company: E.M. Castle Remodeling, Kensington, Md.

Product: DustDoor Inc.'s DustDoor and Wall System, www.dandldesign.com.

Heavy Duty

Courtesy New Holland

Remodeler Jack Palatella finally decided to purchase an LS160 Skid Steer from New Holland and a trailer to haul it, and since his crews have been using it, Palatella's been wondering what took him so long. "We just keep finding new ways to use it," he says.

From cleaning up after demolitions to hauling building materials from the drop-off point to the proper spot on the jobsite, Palatella says his skid steer helps him cut down on time, labor, and costs. "You basically replace an army of laborers with one machine," Palatella says.

Remodeler: Jack Palatella

Company: Palatella Builders, Huntington, N.Y.

Product: New Holland Super Boom LS160 Skid Steer. www.newholland.com.

Just Venting

Lonnie Cox of Brothers Strong was looking for a way to ventilate upper-story additions along the existing roof lines and found the Flash FilterVent from AirVent, which is specifically designed to provide ventilation where roofs meet vertical walls.

Courtesy AirVent

The vent combines an external baffle with an internal weather filter and comes with an extra reverse flashing to help prevent water backup in areas where snow can drift over the vent or in heavy run-off areas against high vertical walls. "This ... works very well and is also aesthetically pleasing because of the low profile," Cox says.

Remodeler: Lonnie D. Cox

Company: Brothers Strong, Houston

Product: AirVent's Flash FilterVent. www.airvent.com.

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