Welcome to production! Those three words can represent a rude awakening to homeowners who don't realize how disruptive remodeling can be. But to clients of Fisher Group, in Annandale, Va., the words kick off a refreshingly straightforward approach to realistically setting expectations and minimizing conflict.

“We created the ‘Welcome to Production' pack because life in production can be a miserable experience compared with the boutique experience of design,” explains Sabrina Blowers, Fisher Group's general manager. The 1,200-word document “describes the players and process of production,” she says. It doesn't mince words, noting a number of factors that can go wrong, but also outlining how to reach key staff when needed.

Fisher Group mails clients the pack after the design phase has been completed. The production manager and production supervisor then meet with clients to discuss it prior to job start. Blowers says clients are better prepared for the realities of remodeling as a result.

When possible, Fisher Group also “matches” production supervisors to clients based on personality types. The company does DISC personality profiling of employees, but Blowers says that you don't need an intricate understanding of personality types to benefit by pairing detail-oriented carpenters with perfectionist clients, for example.