Patricia Lyons

When Mason Hearn bought the final shares from his partners and became sole owner of McGuire, Hearn & Toms in Manakin-Sabot, Va., he decided they needed a name change, in part to make the company as a whole the focus. But in addition to a new company name and a new logo, Hearn found himself with a new company structure and a new role as well.

Although Hearn's official title had always been “president,” before the company became HomeMasons, he was probably best defined as a general manager, someone with his hands on nearly everything in the business. Now, he's more of a CEO (though he doesn't like to refer to himself that way); he can manage the business more passively and choose where to get more heavily involved.

That's all possible thanks to a management team consisting of key personnel from the administrative, design, production, and handyman departments, along with Hearn himself.

Having such a capable group has allowed Hearn to rediscover why he got into this business. A trained architect, Hearn says that back when he was doing all the design for the company, “it became drudgery, because I had to do it.” Now, he decides when he wants to take on a design project.