Remodeler: Barb Goodrich
Company: Goodrich Renovations, Portland, Ore.
Product: Pull-stroke saw
Product Web site:

When Barb Goodrich of Goodrich Renovations in Portland, Ore., took a women's beginning woodworking class five years ago, she made a friend for life: the Japanese pull-stroke saw. It's a type of thin-blade saw with teeth that cut on both the push and pull strokes. The pull-stroke saws on the market today are derived from traditional Japanese saws used by master furniture craftsmen. Goodrich likes the way the thin blade produces a narrower kerf, allowing her to make flush cuts. She uses the pull saw to cut off dowels or pieces of trim, and to quickly trim deck boards without the hassle of pulling out a regular saw. The pull saw's fast and accurate cuts make quick work of the finish detailing that Goodrich enjoys.

Tajima's pull-saw blades are made of premium-grade spring steel so they can flex to achieve those flush cuts, and they feature a hook-end connection to the saw handle for more precise control. Shown is the GNB-265 model.

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